Wednesday, 6 October 2010

what if?

This I think was my favourite project of the year. For this project I had to produce the archeological remains that would prove the existence of a mythical beast. The remains that I produced were that of the Chimera, a Greek mythical beast that had the head of a lion and a goat, a tail of a snake and could breath fire. The beast was said to have have been killed by Pegasus and Bellapron in the Lydia region of Turkey. I had to design and produce the elements of the remains that would prove that the Chimera existed, this included a skull of a sheep and a lion, a double ended neck vertebra and tail vertebra that changed from lion to snake. I wanted to bury it and dig it up like a archeologist (i secretly love Time team and wanted to be a archeologist once!?) but never got round to it, will do it one day for my portfolio I hope.


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