Monday, 25 October 2010

Harry Hill's TV Burp - WAGBO !

Last week i went to see Harry Hill's TV burp being filmed, I have never been to see a TV program being filmed before so was really excited about going. We traveled upto London and got to BBC studios at three o'clock, (two hours and 45 minutes before they would let us into the studio, i know that sounds crazy but these TV programs they give out more tickets than spaces so you got to get there early to get in). Once we finally got in the warm we were given free beer and more waiting around. It was another hour before we were let into the studio. But all the waiting around was worth it, the set was amazing and Harry Hill was even better. We were in the studio for a almost two hours whilst it was being filmed, a long time for a programme thats only on air for like 25 minutes, but it went so quickly because Harry Hill is hysterical. There were so many highlights to the show, the hats gag, the giant head and the FIGHT! but to top it all was Wagbo. Watch the clip and you will see why.

When Wagbo runs into the audience you would see us on the right if it wasn't so dark.

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