Wednesday, 6 October 2010

old boy

On the side of the rabies project I was working on a side project aswell helping some of my photography course mates out. for there final project of the year they needed to produce a full size set of a still from a film. They chose the film 'Old Boy' a South Korean film produced in 2003. The scene they chose had two naked models, a man in a gas mask, smoke, crazy wallpaper and some expensive looking baroque furniture, looking back on it I dont think they could have chosen a much more difficult scene. They asked me to help out and produce some of the props which included a baroque double bed headboard, a matching bedside table and coat hanger and a golden lamp stand. I worked with them to help design and build the props, which meant I was working on my rabies project at university during the day and then building bedroom furniture at night in there halls kitchen (I cant complain though we had some really good nights). The set that they built was amazing and as a payment they said I should be the creepy gas mask man watching the couple in bed (I am pretty sure the real reason was they run out of money to pay for another model!) I am so glad they asked me to build there props as it allowed me to see how to work with a client even if the client was my mates.

Set photographed by Kevin Langley, Katie Burrett, Charlie Watts, Nicole Mcfarlane and Harry Davies

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