Monday, 25 October 2010

Samburu iPod Speaker

So the brief for this project was to produce a prototype of a iPod speaker dock  with design influences from the Samburu tribe. The Samburu tribe are from Kenya and are semi-nomadic and are one of the most vibrant tribes from Africa, with their bright coloured clothes, necklaces and beads. These elements were the design influences for my iPod dock. The main design was based around the necklaces of the Samburu tribe, the speakers were a simplified version of the shape and pattern these necklaces created. The principle of the stacking system of the speakers and dock was to create a portable device that would suit the semi-nomadic lifestyle of the tribe, by allowing the speakers to be transported but would look attractive whilst being used. The design was finished in black and silver to give the design a contemporary finish. 

Photographs by Kevin Langley

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