Sunday, 24 July 2011


My final project of the second year of my degree course was a project based around metamorphosis, and how this could be represented with the modelmaking industry. One of the key areas that metamorphosis is commonly used within the modelmaking industry is with prosthetics. it can be used when transforming actors into aliens or monsters, a process that is commonly used in the TV series 'Doctor Who', or when changing actors age, used in films such as the 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button', or a actors ages gender, used in 'Mrs Doubtfire'.

Prosthetics are often used in TV and film and a area that I have always had a interest in are the prosthetics that are used in programmes such as 'Silent Witness', 'Bones' and 'CSI'. These can range from body parts to full body autopsies in a range stages of decay.

For my model I have made a decapitated decaying version of my own head, (pretty creepy i know). The reason that i have chosen to create a decapitated  head is to be able to put the head into a context and scenario, as if it was a model for 'Silent Witness'.

To make the decaying version of my own head I had to go through a number of stages including life casting, a plaster pour, clay sculpting, fibreglassing, a wax pour, and then painting, so in total it took eight weeks to make.

Along with the final model, I produced a case file with details of background information that could be used in a TV crime Drama. This document included, CCTV photos, police reports, medical and dental records, crime scene, evidence and autopsy photos.

Hope this doesn't creep you you out too much.