Sunday, 30 January 2011

BEEGU animation project

My current university project was to create a animation based on a children's book recreating the style and the mood of the original story. I choose the book 'Beegu' created by Alexis Deacon. The storyline of this book is that Beegu a baby space rabbit from outerspace that crash lands on earth and tries to find her parents, she tries to make friends with everyone but noone seems to wants to be her friends. She finally makes friends with a group of school children. At the end of the story she is finally reunited with her family.

The animation that I created was based on 12 scenes from the book, and each scene was created as a still.This scenes were then manipulated in final cut pro to create transitions between each scene. Narration was added to the animation (narrated by Hayley May Nice) and a soundtrack and sound scape (produced by Sam White).