Friday, 9 December 2011

The Hamelins

If you have read my blog before you will remember that I like to dabble in a little bit of photography now and again, and I have recently been on a photo shoot with an up and coming band in Kent known as The Hamelins. Band photos are one of the worst things to shoot, especially when the band is trying to make a go and getting somewhere, because its so easy to make it look like there trying to hard to be 'cool' or 'different' and to often it looks simply naff. Hopefully these ones don't.

Although this shoot went well, we felt looking back at the photos that we lost a little bit of bands personality and its a little bit too serious for them, and after all I should know there my mates and because of that I wouldn't be a good mate if I didn't do some shameless plugging for them.

So go have a look at there website here
Or like there Facebook page here The Hamelins 


So its my final year at University and the final year of my course, so its time to start making what I will be presenting at the New blades Degree show in June 2012. For one of my final projects i will be making a autopsy model, sounds a bit weird I know, but I love programmes like Silent Witness and Bones and I have always been an ambition of mine to make one of these as props for one of these programmes. I've split this into two sections, I will be making the main body of the autopsy in the New year but I have recently just finished making the the Organs for the autopsy. These were all hand sculpted and are made form PlatSil a type of silicon rubber and are filled with foam to give the texture of real human organs.

Also for this project I needed to create a way to present my organs for the marking process of the project so I created a Poster and TV series advert for a Programme called Autopsy for the BBC, this is not actually being used for the BBC but I needed to show my work could work in context with the industry it has been designed for. 

And heres the video, just be glad that I am not your real surgeon!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Website

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have just made myself a website, its still brand new at the moment so might need a bit of refining but take a look if you like it's Hope you like it.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


My final project of the second year of my degree course was a project based around metamorphosis, and how this could be represented with the modelmaking industry. One of the key areas that metamorphosis is commonly used within the modelmaking industry is with prosthetics. it can be used when transforming actors into aliens or monsters, a process that is commonly used in the TV series 'Doctor Who', or when changing actors age, used in films such as the 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button', or a actors ages gender, used in 'Mrs Doubtfire'.

Prosthetics are often used in TV and film and a area that I have always had a interest in are the prosthetics that are used in programmes such as 'Silent Witness', 'Bones' and 'CSI'. These can range from body parts to full body autopsies in a range stages of decay.

For my model I have made a decapitated decaying version of my own head, (pretty creepy i know). The reason that i have chosen to create a decapitated  head is to be able to put the head into a context and scenario, as if it was a model for 'Silent Witness'.

To make the decaying version of my own head I had to go through a number of stages including life casting, a plaster pour, clay sculpting, fibreglassing, a wax pour, and then painting, so in total it took eight weeks to make.

Along with the final model, I produced a case file with details of background information that could be used in a TV crime Drama. This document included, CCTV photos, police reports, medical and dental records, crime scene, evidence and autopsy photos.

Hope this doesn't creep you you out too much.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

BEEGU animation project

My current university project was to create a animation based on a children's book recreating the style and the mood of the original story. I choose the book 'Beegu' created by Alexis Deacon. The storyline of this book is that Beegu a baby space rabbit from outerspace that crash lands on earth and tries to find her parents, she tries to make friends with everyone but noone seems to wants to be her friends. She finally makes friends with a group of school children. At the end of the story she is finally reunited with her family.

The animation that I created was based on 12 scenes from the book, and each scene was created as a still.This scenes were then manipulated in final cut pro to create transitions between each scene. Narration was added to the animation (narrated by Hayley May Nice) and a soundtrack and sound scape (produced by Sam White).

Monday, 6 December 2010


During the month of November I have been raising money for Prostate cancer and mens cancer research by growing a mustache/ tash /mo. Me and a mate, Luke Matthews, decided on a slightly drunken Halloween party  that this would be a good idea, looking back on it not sure it was such a great idea.

So during the whole of November I didn't shave my nose neighbor and let the hair grow (very, very, slowly). By the end of the month to be honest my tash was pretty poor but we had raised a great amount of money, £248 between us. Worldwide over £38 million has be raised for this great cause.

Ive added a few pictures below to show the progress of the tash. Thanks to everyone that donated to it is really appreciated. Thanks.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Harry Hill's TV Burp - WAGBO !

Last week i went to see Harry Hill's TV burp being filmed, I have never been to see a TV program being filmed before so was really excited about going. We traveled upto London and got to BBC studios at three o'clock, (two hours and 45 minutes before they would let us into the studio, i know that sounds crazy but these TV programs they give out more tickets than spaces so you got to get there early to get in). Once we finally got in the warm we were given free beer and more waiting around. It was another hour before we were let into the studio. But all the waiting around was worth it, the set was amazing and Harry Hill was even better. We were in the studio for a almost two hours whilst it was being filmed, a long time for a programme thats only on air for like 25 minutes, but it went so quickly because Harry Hill is hysterical. There were so many highlights to the show, the hats gag, the giant head and the FIGHT! but to top it all was Wagbo. Watch the clip and you will see why.

When Wagbo runs into the audience you would see us on the right if it wasn't so dark.