Friday, 9 December 2011


So its my final year at University and the final year of my course, so its time to start making what I will be presenting at the New blades Degree show in June 2012. For one of my final projects i will be making a autopsy model, sounds a bit weird I know, but I love programmes like Silent Witness and Bones and I have always been an ambition of mine to make one of these as props for one of these programmes. I've split this into two sections, I will be making the main body of the autopsy in the New year but I have recently just finished making the the Organs for the autopsy. These were all hand sculpted and are made form PlatSil a type of silicon rubber and are filled with foam to give the texture of real human organs.

Also for this project I needed to create a way to present my organs for the marking process of the project so I created a Poster and TV series advert for a Programme called Autopsy for the BBC, this is not actually being used for the BBC but I needed to show my work could work in context with the industry it has been designed for. 

And heres the video, just be glad that I am not your real surgeon!

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